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Real money Bingo is another popular game available both in halls and online casinos. It has gained the popularity of one of the most easily played and won gambles. The rules are rather simple and the profit is quick to get. Here, at GuardGamble, you will be able to find the description of the Bingo online real money with all the details and also learn how to play it and get profit. Besides, at this website you can opt for the best bingo sites 2015 that displays different games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno and definitely Bingo. Here you can read the description of best online bingo sites and choose one that suits you and your preferences the best.

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Bingo games online for money - basics

When the player sees the gameplay for the first time, it looks like a 5*5 grid with 5 numbers corresponding to the word BINGO. The main task of each player is to collect the winning combination of five numbers in any of the following directions: horizontal, vertical or diagonally. When you have managed to do this, you get the prize. There also exist different patterns of bingo cards one can play for. All of them can be learnt in the Info section in each separate casino, as there may be minor changes according to the rules of the platform.

Numbers in real bingo online

Bingo games for money gameplay or Card consists of 24 spaces, each of them having a number and one extra place where you play Bingo for money. Totally there are five columns with five numbers every one by five rows. It creates 25 squares, including the one that is blank. Each letter of the word BINGO has its number:

  • B – column contains numbers from 1 to 15
  • I – from 16 up to 30
  • N – that consists of 4 numbers and free space displays numbers from 31 to 45
  • G – shows the number varying from 46 to 60
  • O – between 61 and up to 75.

A very important detail the player should pay attention to is the number calling. It happens rather quickly, so you should work fast to mark the number on the card. When the player has got BINGO, he/she should announce that and the round is stopped.

Apart from different numbers there are various cards presented by manufacturers, so each player is free to choose the gameplay as well as numbers in it and enjoy their favorite game.

Money bingo game offers pleasant pastime as well as unforgettable profit you may win. Except various prizes available in the game, there are thousands of casinos that offer to play Bingo for real money. So, if you are risky enough to try your fortune in online Bingo game for real money, be sure you will never regret your choice.

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