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Blackjack online game is an internationally known gamble that is widely spread among players all around the world. A lot of different casinos attract the gamblers’ attention by displaying the most required and appreciated software like Blackjack, Keno, Baccarat, Bingo, etc. And at GuardGamble source you will find only the best platforms, the most qualitative and respected casinos that offer to play Black Jack online for real money. If after reading more about the rules and instructions to Blackjack that are given below, you will have a desire to challenge your fortune, you are free to check here the list of casinos.

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Basics & Instructions

The goal of Blackjack game is to gather cards to be as close to 21 in total as possible. It should not be bigger, though it may be little less. As for signs, each player should differentiate among the Jack, King and Queen that give 10 points. The value of ace can be chanced due to your preference and it can play as 1 or 11. Other Black Jack games cards have numbers that show how many points they bring. In case the House ties with the player, there is no winner.

To win the round - beat the dealer. When your score reaches more than 21 you automatically lose. The player who is the closest to the point of 21 at the end of the round gets profit.

Settings and initial principles of BlackJack game

A usual blackjack table includes 6 seats, so there are commonly six players. Besides, there is one dealer and this is the full set of participants for Blackjack game online. The dealer shuffles either 6 or 8 decks of cards together and puts them onto the ‘Shoe’. Before starting to play every gambler places a wager, after that he gets two cards face up. The dealer also receives 2 cards, though one is placed face up and the other down. Each player has a choice either to stay or take a card to get 21 points. If the gambler doesn’t bust until it is the dealer’s turn, he expects for the dealer to turn his card over. If the latter gets more than 17 points, the must stay, but if lower than 16, it is played in draw.

If you have collected 21 having just two cards, you become a winner automatically. Players who are still in and have a bigger score than that of the dealer's get profit that is equal to their bet. Those with a lower bet lose everything. In case the dealer exceeds 21, all the other players also win automatically.

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