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French roulette: specifics, payouts and bets

Find on this page the demo for testing. It will help to improve skills before real mode. GuardGamble presents not only the free mode of French roulette online but also the wide range of online casinos real money with this type of roulette.

Read French roulette rules, test it and make your choice.

Structure of payouts, rules

French Roulette - Payouts

Parole is a call bet when the gain from the previous bet is placed on the same positions again. For example, the small series' payout by 1 dollar makes 17 dollars, plus 1, that's on the field. When ordering "tiere parole" the dealer sets small series for 3 dollars ((17+1)/6).

La partage rule. It is the rule that makes French roulette less lucrative for the House, forces the gambler to come to terms with the low speed of the game. There are several versions of this rule and there is one thing in common - saving of bets in full or partially with even chances when the zero comes up.

The format of French roulette was initially about rest and entertainment at the table, when the dealer does all the work, and for the guest it's enough to only say what he wants. In live game the ball is set going only after all the bets are accepted.

Slow pace and chic have always been the defining features of French roulette. Even in the staff number and the way it works essentially differs from the rest of casino games. The table is served by three dealers who work with special sticks, croupier rakes, to move the chips and make payouts. A croupier places bets moving chips to the corresponding numbers on the table.

It's no coincidence that in the best casinos of Europe it's this game that is especially popular among aristocrats. The beauty and imposing manners have been changed with the utility and speed in the online game, but it's very pleasant that even in the today's casinos such islands of leisured chic still stay untouched.

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