Online Keno for real money: discover the game

It differs from its more than a thousand-year-old ancestor significantly in most features but the basic concept of the game has not changed – you have to mark off up to 10 numbers (traditionally) of the 80-set and wait for the raffled outcome to see how many of the chosen will be winning. Today this main idea is expanded with additional gambling options that make online keno for real money one of the most exciting casino games offered by the most reliable sites.

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Keno: How To’s

To play Keno for real money online you just need to take the following steps:

  • Get a numbered 1 through 80 Keno card/board.
  • Set the amount of wager (located the top right of the card).
  • Mark off presumably winning numbers. The quantity of numbers per card to mark off is set by the chosen casino.
  • De-select a number if you feel like.
  • Decide how many rounds to enter.
  • Click the Play button.
  • Wait for the draw outcome.
  • See how many you have guessed.

Online Keno Game Details

Keno features differ from casino to casino but, in general, the game can be described in the following way:

  • Keno online real money is not just a numbered board or a bubble in front of you but an exciting game like Cleopatra and Power Keno, Classic and Multi-Card Keno, 4 Card and Caveman Keno, etc.
  • Each casino sets its own upper limit to mark off (up to 12, 15, and 20 numbers).
  • It is a random number generator (not the Rabbit Ear) that ''draws'' the winning numbers for you.
  • You can choose between one Keno race and multi-race Keno games. Likewise, you can select numbers yourself or use a ''Quick Pick'' option totally relying on your good fortune.
  • You can place a min bet for a good start or bet maximum to hit the jackpot.
  • You can play this game for free or compete for cash.
  • If you compete for cash, you can win a pretty large amount even on a relatively small wager. Welcome! Play Keno Here!

GuardGamble team heartily welcome you to our gambling area! Here you can enjoy to play Keno online for money to the fullest, just choose a source; gambling is exciting, rules are simple, and no strategy is required.

Look through special online Keno offers:

  • Enjoy crisp and clear Keno games.
  • Get the game running just in a few minutes.
  • Forget about the ''caller, verifier, and keno runner'' stuff and get immediate result.
  • Think of this: just $1 wager can bring you a rather substantial sum of money.
  • Get lucrative bonuses to increase your odds of winning and the entire game fun.

To get more - sign up, choose, play, enjoy and win.

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