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If you prefer spending time gambling, this article is right for you. It is difficult to find so much time to drive to the nearest one and spend quality time there. That is why, a range of gamble have appeared. Now you have a real chance to play your favorite poker, blackjack and roulette without even leaving your house.

Top New Zealand Casinos

Casinos in New Zealand: laws and regulations

Online casino games have gained popularity all around the world, but specific laws of some countries prohibit casino games for real money. What is considered legal in one country can be illegal in another one; that is why you should be attentive betting. To prevent you from fraud or any unpleasant situation that may arise, GuardGamble made a special list of the best New Zealand online casinos that are acceptable for its citizens.

According to a new set of laws accepted in 2004 New Zealand gamblers were restricted in their choice of casinos in New Zealand. Instead there was presented a list of governmentally regulated websites with acceptable clubs for real. It was prohibited to play in any type of gambling. But, from that time on, the question is still discussed and it is still disputable. One the one hand, there is a written and accepted law regulating New Zealand casinos, while, on the other hand, this very law does not touch upon foreign websites with such software. That is why different gambling games are widely spread in New Zealand.

Being a reverse side of the coin, New Zealand online casinos are still restricted and controlled by the government. Nevertheless, no one was arrested due to the usage of foreign clubs. To save you from any possible problems concerning online casinos for real money for the citizens of New Zealand we have created a special ranking of the safest, checked and proved websites.

Gambling in New Zealand nowadays

Having strict legislation that controls and regulates New Zealand online casinos for real money it is rather difficult to develop this industry. Though, because of a huge number of gamblers, striving to play poker, roulette or black jack, companies that produce games and websites make everything possible to be recognized in various countries. In the list below you will be able to find the most reputable places for having fun.

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