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An exciting and appreciated by the majority of gamblers dice game is famous worldwide and played almost in every online club. It is one of the most energetic and involving casino games ever. Casino craps online for money, or Bank Craps, as it is sometimes called, is a game presented in a number of casinos the full list of which can be found at this page of GuardGamble source. Here are only the most reputable and appreciated platforms with huge experience offering the best games as Blackjack, Keno, Baccarat and, of course, Craps.

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Setting of craps game online and first steps

Playing online craps real money you will not keep the yelling and shouting as the game is extremely risky and fills people with great emotions. The setting is quite simple and consists of a special table and two dice. There are a few strict requirements to avoid any kind of tricks if you play in the hall. Still, when you play in an online casino, everything is fair, no doubt. The dice fall automatically, so no one can cheat.

Craps casino game can be played by 20 people simultaneously, as it is the number of seats each table has. Besides, at the table there is a small casino team that consists of 2 dealers, a boxman and a stickman.

The round begins when one of the players called Shooter bets at least one of the lines on the table. Then he/she gets multiple dice (usually there are 5) from the stickman. The shooter has to opt for two dice he/she will throw and continue playing with. The next step is throwing the dice in such a way it would hit the walls of the opposite side of the gameplay.

There are many rounds in Craps online real money because of the big number of players. The dice move clockwise from one player to another at the end of each separate round. The task of every player that has the dice is either to continue betting or omit the roll. The round consists of two parts that are called Come Out and Point. At the beginning of the round the shooter makes one or several come outs. The come out rolls that display 2, 3 and 12 mean that the player lost the round. The normal come out roll consists of number 7 or 11 and brings the winning Pass line bet. The shooter goes on playing by the time he/she rolls all the necessary signs to the Point. At this point the dealer presses the button shifting to the other stage of Craps online game.

During the second phase the shooter rolls the dice. If he/she rolls the point number, he/she gets a beneficial result on the Pass Line. If he plays seven, he loses and the round finishes. Be risky and try your luck in playing Craps for real money.

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