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The key to success is awareness of rules and several tricks that will bring you profit. Before playing Baccarat game online you need to learn rules carefully and being a newcomer, you have to follow the below given steps while playing. So, it is popular and appreciated all over the world as one to bring big profit spending little effort. That is why you should definitely discover Baccarat game rules and try it as well as other entertainments offered at GuardGamble source.

As for the setting, it is important to mention that Baccarat online real money can be played by 12 or 14 players at once. By the way, there are 3 dealers.

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How to play Baccarat online - main principles and steps

The first step you need to take is make a bet according to the two main principles presented here: Banker (Banco) and Player (Punto). Then you get your cards. Playing Baccarat online for real money they will be handled out automatically by online dealer.

After bets and chosen roles, you should wait for your turn to deal. You are free to deal or pass the ‘shoe’ to another player. While the Bank wins, the ‘shoe’ is kept by one and the same player.

Next you will see two hands that are dealt in Baccarat online game. Your task is to bet one you consider winning. There are 2 or 3 cards on each hand. The player takes 2 cards and puts them face down. The one with the biggest Pruno bet receives two extra cards also face down. When the Pruno player has seen his cards, he gives them back to the dealer. The dealer then puts the cards face up on one and the other hands at the time the casino professional dealer provides the results and announces the winner.

Winners and results of Baccarat games

When the dealing player has turned over all the cards and there are totally 8 or 9 at both hands, then the ‘normal’ combination has been gathered. If the combination differs from the normal, the third card is dealt. This decision is taken according to the general rule that is followed in all the casinos. It is claimed by dealers and executed by players. After handing out an extra card, the round is over and the hands’ scores are counted. The hand that has the highest count is profitable.

To finish with, the winner is sure to get his/her payouts. Do not forget that playing for real money is much more fun and risky. Besides, apart from Baccarat table game, at this website you can find different casinos with other exciting and profitable games like Blackjack, Keno, Bingo, etc.

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